Full Magnetic Chore Board Set for families
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Kanban Board Set for families

Kanban Board Set for Families, Scrum Board Set for Families,


Family Kanban Full Board Set, Premium. Full Kanban Set and Scrum for Families, Magnetic Special Design Kanban Board, Kanban Magnetic Cards Set and Accessories, 77 Pieces of Premium Agile Set

  •  STACKABLE; Our magnetic cards have been designed and tested to ensure maximum stackability in any direction. They can be easily stacked, grabbed and move around on magnetic boards. Our unique magnetic properties ensure maximum flexibility on how you want to stack them in any direction and concept!

  •  REUSABLE; Our magnetic cards can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth and reused. Our reliability tests proved that our cards can be used up to 50.000 times without any degradation in quality! They are designed to be your partner in long years to come

  •  SMOOTH WRITING; We thought about everything on our products from selecting special materials to color tones of the cards, thicknesses, sizes and markers go best with cards in order to make your writing experience unique

  •  VISUAL; Everything is about being visual! Our products provide maximum visualization by grouping tasks with different color codes, attaching blocker cards to ease the identification of critical tasks as well as help prioritizing. Moreover, you can specify task owners right on the task cards in the dedicated area!

  •  WASHABLE; Our design is special and highest quality possible for a magnetic card. We did not use any paper based material on our products and card design is printed by using UV printing technology directly on a special PVC material. It makes our products fully washable

Kanban Board Set for Families & Scrum Board Set for Families

This premium Agile Management Toolset is suitable for Kanban Board, Scrum Board, Lean Board, Agile Board, White Board, Vision Board, To Do List Board, Chore Board. You will receive everything you need in order to create your Kanban Board for your family. The rich and flexible content of this set allows you to scale up your board and makes it convenient to use at any scale. The variety of magnetic cards will also allow you to customize your Kanban Board to your unique needs.

We have paid attention to all of the design details and product quality for this product to be able to bring the highest quality Agile Management Toolset on the market. A few special features about our product;


  • UV Printing We used only UV printing on these magnetic cards. What this means for you is that you will not see any degradation on colors of your magnetic cards over time

  • Reusable These cards are designed to last for years. You will use these cards on many projects as if you just unpacked the new product

  • Scalable Rich content in quantity along with variety of magnetic cards such as empty kanban magnetic headlines & scrum magnetic headlines along with empty magnetic kanban headlines, will give you the freedom to scale your board up

  • Stackable We used unconventional and thicker magnets for your agile cards. They will hold strong and enable you to stack many cards on top of other. This will give you an advantage in terms of your freedom to organize your kanban board or scrum board.

  • Washable Just put under water, or clean with a wet cloth. The unique magnetic cards marker along with special surface magnetic cards will impress you on how easy you can clean them off

  • Easy to grab We have gone through countless of iterations to find the perfect balance for human factors for your ou will feel the difference how easy to pull them off from the board while they are strong enough to snap on each other

  • Agile magnetic cards & magnetic cards markers harmony; The Agile magnetic cards are designed specifically for the markers we have chosen. What this means for you is that, you will feel the writing quality, the markers will not wear off easily due to finger touches, but meantime it will be cleaned off easily with wet cloth or water.


We created the most special and premium Agile Management Toolset, now we need you to experience it and move your Agile transformation to the next level.

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Sunday, 10 October 2021
It is an awesome set, the magnetic board looks even better than the pictures. The tags work well on the board and you can stack them as advertised. We have waited for more than a week to receive this product after we put the order, that is the only thing prevented me from giving 5 stars. The product itself is flawless
Tony Jaquin