Blocker and Alert Card for Kanban Board, Alert Card for Scrum Board
Blocker Card for Scrum Board, Alert Card for Kanban Board

Blocker Cards, Alert Cards for Kanban and Scrum Boards

Kanban & Scrum Blocker Magnetic Cards


Using Blocker Cards is one easy way to identify the blockers in the project visually. You can locate blocker cards anywhere on the magnetic board, either next to the task cards, or directly on the task cards related to blocking points, or create a new column for all blockers. So, the teams can distinguish blockers in the project easily in the overall process without needing to read each task card details.

You will get in total x10 (twelve) individual blocker cards in one set. 

Units in box: 10


Wednesday, 22 September 2021
these blocker cards awe well made and useful. They help distinguishing critical item on our Agile board from distance
Friday, 17 September 2021
perfect for identifying the risks on Scrum board visually! It is also awesome to have a space to drop notes on it. Good quality and useful.. Thank you pmxboard team!
Lanre Stone