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Action Log PMX 1.0



Register, track, prioritize, assign, group, close and record your project actions with Action Log PMX 1.0. Get your actions closed faster and more effectively!

PMX Action Log is the most comprehensive, automated and easy to use Action Tracker for any type of project. This Action Log has been developed in MS Excel program so the excel is the only thing you need to operate the Action Log PMX 1.0.



Wednesday, 15 September 2021
This is literally the best task tracker file we have ever used. We use as project action tracker and keep all project information in this file. It has many automated features in it and you can customize it. It has several quick access buttons such as tasks for this week, overdue tasks, tasks for next week etc, it automatically filters the data and bring up what you need. This is probably one of the most under advertised project management tool I have ever used and come across. highly recommended for personal use or project management activities
Steve Lindauer