Vision Board Set, Magnetic Law Attraction Board



Full Magnetic Vision Board

Full magnetic Vision Board with a third eye on it. It is made of a high density premium EVA material, bright colors, pre-designed powerful subconscious messages

Magnetic Picture Frames and Straps

You will never use ugly and cumbersome tapes or bulletin on your vision board. Everything is magnetic made of same look. The only focus will be on what matters to you and for your future on your dream vision board!


The vision board kit comes with pmxboard non-permanent board markers in 2mm tips

Pre-designed magnetic quotes and cleaning set

The vision board set comes with powerful, pre-designed magnetic quotes that you can just choose the ones you want to use on your vision board and snap on it! Moreover, your law of attraction board set comes with cleaning sets.
Vision Board Kit, Law Attraction Board Kit, Full Magnetic
The most powerful adn spiritual Law of Attraction Vision Board Set ever designed!
Let the third eyeguide you
Full Magnetic Set
(44 Magnetic Items to make your set ful) 

(The accessories you need to build your future)

Full magnetic vision board set
Full magnetic on both sides
frameless vision board
Frameless Board
vision board with third eye
Third Eye
no bulletin law of attraction board
Build your board without bulletins or tapes
Vision Board Kit by pmxboard is the best investment you can possibly make for your future
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Vision Board Kit Brochure

Everything you need in one set!
Magnetic Vision Board Kit
Vision Board, Magnetic

Full Magnetic high density frameless EVA Vision Board

Carefully designed special Vision Board comes with its strong magnetic properties and fabolous look. The third eye right on the board will be the gateaway between you and universe! Pre inserted powerful messages will speak to your suconciousness on this Vision Board.

The size of the board is ; 

31.5” x 19.7” (80 x 50 cm) 

Picture Frames to attach your pictures in a second without ugly bulletins or nails

The set comes with various magnetic picture frames to enable you to locate your pictures anywhere on the board, in a second, without needing tapes, bulletins or any external material! 

Below items are included in your set; 







6x4 Magnetic Frame




4x6 Magnetic Frame




6x8 Magnetic Frame



Vision Board Accessories

Magnetic Picture Magnetic Straps

These magnetic straps are another easy way to attach your pictures on your Vision Board. You just snap them on the picture and locate anywhere on the board, it is that easy! These magnetic straps are designed to hold standard paper pictures without any issues! 

Your set will come with 10 of these straps.
Vision Board Supplies
Magnetic Vision Board Quotes

Magnetic Vision Board Quotes

There is no good or powerful Vision Board without strong subconcious subliminal messages. We included them in your set! The only thing left for you to do is to pick the ones you like and locate them anywhere on the board. They are magnetic as the rest of the set, it is matter of seconds to locate them on your Vision Board. 

We included 15 pre designed powerful quotes in your Vision Board Kit!

Magnetic Bank Account Card for Vision Board

One of the best way to manifest what you desire is to see it happened. If achieving certain money amount in your bank is one of them, you are covered with your Vision Board Set! Your set comes wiht a bank account card that you can just write the amount you want to see on your bank account, write your name and maximize the manufestation with this real looking view!
Vision Board Supplies
Magnetic Vision Board Quotes

Other Accessories

Your Vision Board comes with full set of accessories to make sure that you would never need a single item outside of your package to build your strong Vision Board! Your set will come with cleaning set andfour pmxboard Board and Card markers in 2mm tips.

Magnetic Blank Quote Cards

These magnetic blank Vision Board Quotes will help you to personalize your board by adding your personal quotes on your board and make it part of your Vision Board! 

Your set will come with 6 empty Vision Board magnetic quote cards in 2 sizes 

Vision Board Magnets for personal quotes
Law of Attraction - Vision Board Set
Magnetic Vision Board Set, Full Magnetic, Full Toolkit for building Vision Boards


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Weight (Total Set )
14.3 pounds
Package Dimensions
‎47.24 x 25.98 x 3.54 inches
Board Dimensions
32.7 x 22 x 1.6 inches
Board Material Type
‎High Density Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Manufacturer Part Number
Accessories Included
44 Magnetic Cards, 4 Magnetic Board Markers, Cleaning Set
Vision Board Full Magnetic Kit

Vision Board, Law of Attraction Board Set

The most powerful Vision Board ever designed!