Action Log PMX 1.0

Register, track, prioritize, assign, group, close and record your project actions with Action Log PMX 1.0. Get your actions closed faster and more effectively!

PMX Action Log is the most comprehensive, automated and easy to use Action Tracker for any type of project. This Action Log has been developed in MS Excel program so the excel is the only thing you need to operate the Action Log PMX 1.0.

Program Action Log
Project Management Action Log


There are many automated features in the Action Log to help maximizing efficiency and minimize manual entry. You can automatically filter open actions, late actions, priority actions, actions for this week and many other... You will enjoy the ease of using PMX Action Log in any type of project.


This Action Log has been evolved throughout many multi mullion size projects across 100+ size of cross functional teams, we tested and developed several complex features within the Action Log both to make it effective and cover all important aspects of Action Logs, and created a simple interface for users, easy to use, easy to reach the information you are looking for.


The entire Action Log has been developed in the MS Excel program. We user MsExcel features and custom Visual Basic codes. So, you do not need to download any external software or plugin. The only thing you need is your Ms Excel Program.
Program Management Action Log


We have developed and incporporated several visual features in this Action Log that you can easily identify open and closed actions with color codes, or closure percentages on bar charts, actual overall Action Log status and many more...


Every project is different, every team is different. You can customize many features and project specific items such as team member names, department names and many other things easily. You just enter your inputs into 'source' sheet in designated areas, the entire Action Log updates itself with your inputs.

Register and consolidate

Register and consolidate all actions in your project in one database

Track and delegate

Delegate the action items to teams, individuals or departments, track the progress towards closure

Prioritize and filter with one click

Prioritize your action items, filter prioritized actions with one click as well as late tasks or tasks for the week

Close and record actions

Drive action items toward closure, recored them how they are closed, when they are closed etc.

Record project decisions

Not only action items, record your project decisions to keep the history in the file. Separate them from action items with easily with embedded add-ons

Complete control of your projects

The Action Log PMX 1.0 has many added values to projects. You can adapt this Action Log to any type of project or program in any size, customize it easily, make your key tool to execute your projects. 

Action Log PMX 1.0 helps; 
  • Close action items effectively and according to set prioritizations
  • Engage all stakeholders across the board 
  • Easy access to data with one click 
  • Delagate, and track delegated actions easily 
  • Track progress for closed and open action items against defined due dates simultaneously with no additional effort 
  • Record key project decisions and justifications for action closures   

Action Log PMX 1.0

Connect the dots in your project, get the things done!
Project Management Software

Easy to Use, Effective, Automated

  • Completion; just enter values between 0 to 100, it sets the status automatically. Set it to 100, it changes the status as closed and changes all other dependent cells automatically and accordingly 
  • Key; Set type of entries, such as A for Action, I for Project Information, D for Project Decision. All other relevant cells adjust themselves according to type of the entries. You can also define your own categories easily through Source sheet.  
  • Type; Set department or team names, filter them easily. You can define your teams easily through Source sheet just by adding and removing items and all drop down menus gets updated automatically 
  • Action Owner; Enter action owner names, filter actions according to individual names, track them easily. You have full freedom to add and remove team members easily through Source sheet. 

Maximum entry with minimum finger move!

  • Dates; All dates are selectable with one click. Click on date cells, pop up date window opens, just select the date with your mouse. You even do not need your keyboard! 
  • Status Notes; Additional column for capturing what is important to remember 
Project Management Action Log in excel
Project Management Task Prioritization Tool

We thought about everything a project may need!

  • Priority; You can set Priority 1 or 2 items, and you can filter them with one click anythime through the buttons located on top of the Action Log! Reaching the information was never so easy and simple! You can also leave this entry empty and skip it if this does not apply to action items! 
  • Phase; Every program has phases! Why don't you classify actions for phases, so you keep your and your team's focus on the right action items at the right phase! 
  • Version; You can also set versions of the products that are under development and use one Action Log for multi version products under one program! You can simply skip this one if this does not apply to your project, that simple! 
  • Open Since & Closed In; You can easily track the statistics of your program by seeing since how many days each action items are open, or if they are closed, how many days it took to close! No worries, you do not need to do a single thing to populate these information, everything is automated based off given information on other cells, just get the information. Moreover, you can see the overall statistics on the top of Action Log holistically 

Magic buttons for accessing what is important with one click!

  • Late Tasks; Isn't it one of the first things you want to check on your program? Just click on the button and filter all actual late tasks automatically! 
  • Actions for the week; One click, and all tasks that are due to actual week comes up automatically. Everything is one click! 
  • Actions for the next week; Same one click filtering for all actions due for the upcoming week! 
  • Filter Open Actions; This is another feature that can filter all actual open actions automatically with one click! 
  • Clear Filters & Reset; Just remove all filters with one click. Time is essence, and we kept this as core value of our Action Log!  
Project Mamagement Task Tracker Excel

Change your parameters once and the Action Log handles the rest!

You can change all parameters on the 'Source' sheet easily and the entire Action Log gets updated automatically, all drop down menus pick your entries accordingly. You can specify the below entries on the Source sheet; 
  • Key (type of the entry) 
  • Type (department or team names)
  • Name of team members
  • Priority Levels 
  • Project Phases 
  • Product versions  

Embedded User Instructions

Everthing is simple and easy but, we all need little help sometimes! We have extensive user manuals embedded in the Action Log that you can check and refresh the memories in regards to anything in the Action Log!
Project Management Software in Excel
Project Management Task Manager

Action Log PMX 1.0

The best and most effective, easy to use Program Action Log ever developed!