Physical Kanban Boards & Physical Scrum Boards, Flex Board Solutions, Full Magnetic Agile Sets

our alternative agile solutions come in 3 sizes



These are extremely simple Physical Kanban Board and Scrum Board solutions. Forget about that bulky magnetic boards in big packages and occupy significant space in your environment! These nicely rolled flex board will in a tube ready to hang on your wall, and takes no space from your environment while it provides more than any typical board can do!


Well, it is simple but also functional. Don't think even for a second that these thin flex boards are any worse than bulky magnetic boards, it is in fact the opposite. These flex boards have thicker and stronger magnetic sheets embedded in it compared to a typical magnetic board on the market that will make you feel the difference once you start using them! Moreover, we used special magnetic sheets in them (as supposed to just metallic sheets as in many of the typical magnetic boards) that will provide a perfect user experience while you are snapping and moving around the magnetic cards on it!


Simple, functional and affordable. Who would not love the idea to get a simple product which is more functional than its competitor legacy products, it has pre designed and wear resistant kanban board layout, it does not take space and meantime it is relatively cheaper!
Physical Kanban Boards, Magnetic

Flex Agile Board - Small

Flex Agile Board - Medium

Flex Agile Board - Large

Flex Agile Board Set Smal

Flex Agile Board Set Medium

Flex Agile Board Set Large

Number of Board Columns346346
Board Size29.5” x 23.1” (75 x 58.7 cm)39.3” x 23.1” (100 x 58.7 cm)29.5” x 23.1” (75 x 58.7 cm)29.5” x 23.1” (75 x 58.7 cm)39.3” x 23.1” (100 x 58.7 cm)58.26” x 26.6” (148 x 67.7 cm)
Blank Column Headline Cards346
Kanban Task Cards364884
Detail Story Cards468
Kanban Blocker (Alert) Card4


Kanban Markers (0.6 mm tips)222
Whiteboard Marker (2 mm)444444
Board Eraser, Installation Kit

Cleaning Kit (Water Spray Bottle, Cloth)

Magnetic Physical Scrum Board
3 Agile Board Variations as 3-4-6 Columns

These sets will get things done!
Flexible 3 Column4 Column6 ColumnKanban Board Sets
Option 1; Flex Boards
(comes in three sizes) 

Option 2; Flex Board and Magnetic Cards Set
(The accessories you need to build your future)

pmxboard Kanban Board, Flex
Kanban Board
Magnetic Scrum Board, Flex
Scrum Board
Magnetic Agile Board Set
Agile Board
Scrum Whiteboard, magnetic
Scrum Whiteboard
Magnetic Scrum Board, Flex
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Alternative Magnetic Scrum Board, Magnetic Kanban Board Solutions Brochure

Simple, functional, affordable, it gets the shit done!

These Magnetic Agile Setsfunctional affordablepowerfuleasysexydifferentas hell

Magnetic Scrum Boards

Flex Agile Management Magnetic Boards, in 3 sizes Suitable for Scrum Boards, Kanban Boards, Agile Boards!

Thin but strong! Don't think for a second that these boards are thin and their magnetic properties are weaker! These boards, in contrary to many typical bulky magnetic boards on the market, have stronger magnetic properties due to special magnetic sheet that inserted in them. 

Simple but functional! Funtionality should not be ties to muscled and bulky appearance of the boards, these boards are simple, but more functional! It allows to snap the pmxboard magnetic kanban cards on them, even stack them on top of each other, use as a white board, and meantime do not take any space from your room! Simple and functional Agile Management Board solutions! 

Does better job but cheap! You do not need to leave your board behind after working on that for hours, those days are over, take your board with your wherever you go, just pick it from its stand easily and move around on one hand, or simply put in your bag

Scrum and Kanban Magnetic Task Cards

Task Cards

Magnetic Kanban Tasks cards are your key players in the set! They are to capture project tasks, assign these tasks to individuals in the team and record task details on them toward task closures. Kanban Task cards come in three different colors; Grey, Yellow, and Green, so it gives you an opportunity to group different tasks for your specific needs in the project.

Blocker Cards

Using Blocker Cards is one easy way to identify the blockers in the project visually. You can locate blocker cards anywhere on the magnetic board, either next to the task cards, or directly on the task cards related to blocking points, or create a new column for all blockers. So, the teams can distinguish blockers in the project easily in the overall process without needing to read each task card details.
Kanban Scrum Lean Magnetic Alert and Blocker Cards

Card Markers - 0.6 mm tip non-permanent

We have tested various high end non-permanent markers with our cards in order to find out the best marker that provides highest writing experience, highest ink quality and finest lines. We have chosen the Steadtler non-permanent markers with 0.6 mm extra thin tip. You will feel the difference when you use these markers on our high quality sticky kanban cards, it is as if you write on a fine paper with a fine pen!

White Board Markers

Your set comes with 2 mm tips board markers in four different colors. They have also eraser on them for easy cleaning. They are as thin as it should be and, as thick as it should be to find the perfect line thickness on your desktop white board
Kanban Board Markers

Scrum Magnetic Column Headline Cards

You will be able to use your board easily with pre defined headlines as well as empty headline cards to address your unique needs and make custom Kanban and Scrum Column Headlines. Column Headline cards are to define columns in the Agile Management Process for either Scrum Board, Kanban Board or Lean Board
Agile Management Board with priority rows
Magnetic Scrum Board Sets

Flex Magnetic Kanban Board, Magnetic Scrum Board Solutions

Alternative agile board sets to get things done!