Physical Kanban Board & Physical Scrum Board - Combo Set

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Pyhsical Kanban Board & Scrum Board - Full Magnetic

The Agile Management Board, pre-designed for your convenience, is also adaptable to customization!

Agile Management Magnetic Cards Set, Plus

Our top-selling and unparalleled Kanban & Scrum Magnetic Cards Kit! It is fully compatible with our Physical Kanban & Scrum Magnetic Board.

Easel (Dry Erase Agile Board Stand)

The kit includes a dedicated easel, offering an alternative for positioning your board—unless choosing to hang it on the wall or attach it to another magnetic board.
Scrum Board Combo Set, Full Agile Management Set


Not only you can snap the magnetic cards that come with the set, you can also write on the board! The set comes with special card markers, separately board markers and erasers.


Pre-designed board complies with Kanban, Scrum and many other Agile board standards. You can just start using it without needing to go through board building steps. You can also customize the headlines of your board to your specific needs with the empty headline cards that come with your set.


The set comes with the best Agile Management Magnetic Cards set in the market worldwide literally! It is our Agile Management Magnetic Cards Set, Plus. It has 156 pieces of items in it. It includes Magnetic Task Cards in three color, Magnetic Headline Cards (Magnetic Column Cards), Magnetic Blockers Cards (Magnetic Srum and Kanban Alert Cards) and Magnetic Detail Cards


The set come with special card markers with 0.6mm tips and board markers with 2mm tips as well as a tripod, board eraser and a cloth for card cleanining.


You can locate your board ① on the tripod that comes with the set, or ② just snap your board on another magnetic board easily, or ③ you can hang it on the wall! Wall mount accessories come with the set too!


It is just over 6lb! We used special EVA materials to make your unique board. Its strong magnetic power will keep all of your cards on it safely, and it is as light as a board can be!
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Agile Kanban & Scrum Combo Set
Pre-Designed Agile Magnetic Board
Magnetic Task Cards
100 (in three colors; Grey, Yellow, Green)
Magnetic Detail Cards (Magnetic Story Cards)
Magnetic Headline Cards (Magnetic Column Cards)
5 & Integrated
Empty Magnetic Headline (Column) Cards
Magnetic Blocker Cards (Magnetic Alert Cards)
Special Magnetic Card Markers (0.6 mm tips)
Magnetic Board Markers
Kanban & Scrum Column Line Tapes
3 & Integrated
Cleaning Items (Magnetic Board Eraser & Cloth)
1 + 1
Wall mounth set
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Physical Kanban Board & Physical Scrum Board, plus Magnetic Cards Combo set

Everything you need in one set!
Physical Kanban Magnetic Board, Physical Scrum Magnetic Board,
Kanban Scrum Agile Magnetic Board

Pre Designed Magnetic Agile Board

Carefully designed special Agile Management Board comes with its strong magnetic properties and beautiful look. You can also customize the headlines as you desire with the empty headline cards that come with the set. You just need to put the empty headline cards on to the existing headlines, it will snap and you just need to rename your column, that easy!

Magnetic Agile Task Cards

Tasks cards are your key players in the set! They are to capture project tasks, assign these tasks to individuals in the team and record task details on them toward task closures. Task cards come in three different colors; Grey, Yellow, and Green, so it gives you an opportunity to group different tasks for your specific needs in the project.

Dimensions; 11 cm x 6.6 cm (4"4' x 6"6')

Scrum Kanban Magnetic Task Cards

Kanban Magnetic Story (Detail) Cards

Some task cards require greater detail. So, we wanted to keep our Task Cards compact as it is, but provide detail cards with bigger space in case more details need to be captured. You can easily locate the Detail Cards next to or on to Task Cards and make sure that essential task information are recorded.

The dimensions: 16 x 6.6 cm (6"3' x 2"6')
Kanban Scrum Agile Lean Magnetic Story Cards
Kanban Column Headline Cards Magnetic

Agile Board Column Headline Magnetic Cards

You will be able to use your board easily with pre defined headlines as well as empty headline cards to address your unique needs. Headline cards are to define columns in the Agile Management Process. Y

Blocker Cards

Using Blocker Cards is one easy way to identify the blockers in the project visually. You can locate blocker cards anywhere on the magnetic board, either next to the task cards, or directly on the task cards related to blocking points, or create a new column for all blockers. So, the teams can distinguish blockers in the project easily in the overall process without needing to read each task card details.
Kanban Scrum Lean Magnetic Alert and Blocker Cards
Magnetic Scrum Cards Marker

Card Markers - 0.6 mm tip non-permanent

We have tested several markers with our cards in order to find out the best marker that provides highest writing quality, highest ink quality and finest lines. We have chosen the Steadtler non-permanent markers with 0.6 mm extra thin tip. You will feel the difference when you use these markers on our high quality magnetic cards, it is as if you write on a fine paper with a fine pen!

Board Markers - 2 mm tip non-permanent

Not only on the cards, sometimes you need to draw or drop notes on the white boards as well. Your set comes with four additional markers to support your needs on the white board. We included 2mm fine tips of markers in your set, they come in blue, black, red and green. You can also locate these markers directly on magnetic boards via using the magnetic attachments on the markers.
White Board Marker


You can use this nice tripod that come in your set as one of the three ways to locate your board!


Also a board eraser and a cloth for clean your magnetic cards come with your set!
Agile Cleaning Kit
Kanban Scrum Lean Magnetic Board Dimensions


The board design finalized after several tests to make sure it was as big and as small as it should be!  

The magnetic board dimensions; 

23 “ (58 cm) x 42 “ (106 cm) 

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pmxboard Full Kanban Scrum Magnetic Board and Magnetic Cards Set
pmxboard Full Kanban Scrum Magnetic Board and Magnetic Cards Set

Kanban & Scrum Combo Set

when two great products come together!
The only TRUE COMPLETE AGILE SET in the world!