Portfolio Management Board Set



Portfolio Management Board - Magnetic

Full magnetic portfolio board to track timelines, budget, milestones

Colorful Status Indicators - Magnetic

Magnetic status indicators to specify status of various metrics visually. In total 666 magnetic status indicators come in three colors; Green, Red and Yellow, and plus, purple magnetic pieces to build your milestone progress bar


The set come with board markers in 2mm tips


Magnetic Board Eraser, card boxes to retain status indicators and wall mount screw set come with your set
Portfolio Management Board Set - Magnetic, by pmxboard


You can snap the magnetic pieces on the board, set status, reveal risks, build your progress bar. Also, you can write on the board to fulfil all the vital information a portfolio has to provide.


The Portfolio Board provides a complete overview for up to 20 projects including below aspects but not limited to;
- Project Introductory Information
- Timelines (overall and broken down to milestones) 
- Budget 
- Milestones & Stages 
- Notes & Risks


Special design Portfolio Board provides a complete overview of a large portfolio up to 20 projects or products. You can easily sense overall statusses and identify risks from 10 feet and in 3 seconds.


The set comes with 666 pieces of magnetic status indicators to demonstrate visual status of various key project metrics on the board. Also the set comes with special board markers and an eraser.


You can locate your board ① just snap your board on another magnetic board easily, or ②you can hang it on the wall! Wall mount accessories come with the set too!


It is just over 6lb! We used special EVA materials to make your unique board. Its strong magnetic power will keep all of your cards on it safely, and it is as light as a board can be!
Project and Program Management Board Set, Sales Tracker, Portfolio Management, Company Road Map Tracker Board
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Portfolio Management BoardFull Set


comes with in total 666 pieces of magnetic status indicators along with accessories to make your set whole!

Project and Program Management Board Set, Sales Tracker, Portfolio Management, Company Road Map Tracker Board, KPI Tracker Board

Portfolio Management Board Package Content

Everything you need in one set!
Portfolio Management Board Set - Magnetic, by pmxboard
Magnetic Portfolio Management Board

Pre Designed Portfolio Management Board

Carefully designed special Portfolio Management Board comes with its strong magnetic properties and beautiful look. It covers wide range of important program aspets as part of your overall Portolio Management process

All of the key program metrics are on the board

Pre designed pmxboard Portfolio Management Board provides a complete overview of a portfolio up to 20 pojects, programs and products. The board includes below Sections and subsections on it;

Project & Product Introduction

> Priority setting column
> Overall Project Status Indicator (with color magnets)
> Project & Product Name
> Project Lead Name
> Sponsor Name

Milestones & Stages

> Progress bar up to 6 milestones (with color magnets). Milestone names can be customized


> Overall Timeline Status
> Project Start, Project End (Target), Project End (Actual)
> Breakdown for each predefined 6 Milestones; individual status of each milestone (with color magnets), Target and Actual completion dates


> Budget Status (with color magnets)
> Projected Budget
> Actual Budget Spending

Notes & Risks

> Additional Space for notes and risks 

Portfolio Management Board Set with KPI indicators

The set comes with magnetic status indicators in seven groups, in total 666 pieces

10 feet, 3 second rule! Make your board readable and recognize areas with risks from 10 feet in 3 seconds by using colorful magnetic status indicators. Make your board visually speak itself! You can use your colorful status indicators on your board to make is easy to read, eay to identify risks and show areas require attention! 

You can use your colorful status indicators on various sections of the boards so anyone can see areas with risk, or areas requires attention without a big hustle to read through everything. Making your boards visual and easy to understand is one of the most important aspects of any project or portfolio management, and our set provides easy tools to utilize your visual board. 



Other Accessories

We included 2mm fine tips of board markers in four colors. They have their magnetic property and eraser on them. Also, a board eraser comes with the set


The board design finalized after several tests to make sure it was as big and as small as it should be!

The magnetic board dimensions; 22.5 “ (57 cm) x 44 “ (112 cm) 

Portfolio Management Board Set dimensions
Portfolio Board Project and Program Management Set
Magnetic Portfolio & Project & Program Management Board Set


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Weight (Total Set )
19.8 pounds
Package Dimensions
‎47.24 x 25.98 x 3.54 inches
Board Dimensions
44 x 22.5 x 0.75 inches
Board Material Type
‎Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Manufacturer Part Number
Accessories Included
Status Indicator Magnets (666 pieces), White Board Markers, Eraser, Indicator Containers
Portfolio Project Program Management Board Set Content

Portfolio Management Board Set

The most comprehensive Portfolio Management Board Set in the world!