Agile Management Set 1.0, Kanban Magnetic Cards Kit, Scrum Magnetic Cards Kit



Kanban Board

Everything you need in one set to build your Kanban Board

Scrum Board

Everything you need in one set to build your Scrum Board

Lean Board

Everything you need in one set to build your Lean Board

Agile Management Boards

Our set is customizable with many common items for building various type of Agile Management Boards
Agile Management Magnetics Cards Set, Kanban Magnetic Cards Set


Our magnetic cards have been designed and tested to ensure maximum stackability in any direction. They can be easily stacked, grabbed and move around on magnetic boards in any desired pattern. Our unique magnetic properties provides maximum flexibility on how to stack them!


Our magnetic boards can be cleaned easily with wet cloths and reused. Our reliability tests proved that our cards can be used thousands of times without any degradation in quality! They are designed to be your partner in long years to come. You can also literally wash our cards under regular room temperature water.


We thought about everything on our products from selecting special materials to colors, from markers to thicknesses and shapes in order to make your writing experience unique.
Kanban and Scrum Board on Magnetic Board


Everything is about being visual! Our products provide maximum visualization by grouping tasks through different color codes, adding blocker cards to bring more attention to critical tasks and help prioritizing as well as identifying task owners right on the task cards!


Just big enough to give you the space you need to write on, just thick enough to stay on various boards strong enough but meantime thin enough to be able to pull them easily and move around... Everything is just enough to make your experience perfect!


All the materials used in our products have been carefully selected to ensure your long term satisfaction. We used highest quality possible on all materials included in your packaging and including the packaging itself!
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Agile Management Set 1.0Plus

Agile Management Full Magnetic Cards Set, Plus

in total 156pieces in one set


The Magnetic Cards do not work on Glass Boards 
Please be aware that our magnetic cards like any other magnetic cards require standard magnetic boards, and do not adhere sufficiently on majority of glass made of magnetic boards. Please note that this product does not include any board in the package.

Agile Management Set 1.0Standard

Agile Management Full Magnetic Cards Set, Standard

in total 114pieces in one set


The Magnetic Cards do not work on Glass Boards 
Please be aware that our magnetic cards like any other magnetic cards require standard magnetic boards, and do not adhere sufficiently on majority of glass made of magnetic boards. Please note that this product does not include any board in the package.
Best Kanban Toolset, Best Scrum Toolset, Best Agile Management Toolset

Agile Management Set 1.0 Package Content

Everything you need in one set!
Scrum and Kanban Magnetic Task Cards

Task Cards

Tasks cards are your key players in the set! They are to capture project tasks, assign these tasks to individuals in the team and record task details on them toward task closures. Task cards come in three different colors; Grey, Yellow, and Green, so it gives you an opportunity to group different tasks for your specific needs in the project.

Detail Cards

Some task cards require greater detail. So, we wanted to keep our Task Cards compact as it is, but provide detail cards with bigger space in case more details need to be captured. You can easily locate the Detail Cards next to or on to Task Cards and make sure that essential task information are recorded.
Kanban and Scrum Magnetic Story Cards
Kanban, Scrum and Lean Board Magnetic Headline Cards

Headline Cards

You will be able to structure your board easily with pre defined headlines as well as empty headline cards to address your unique needs. Headline cards are to define columns in the Agile Management Process. You will receive pre defined cards for the following headlines; 
  • Backlog
  • Sprint
  • In Progress
  • Validate
  • Done
and you will receive four empty headline cards regardless which package you choose to buy.

Blocker Cards

Using Blocker Cards is one easy way to identify the blockers in the project visually. You can locate blocker cards anywhere on the magnetic board, either next to the task cards, or directly on the task cards related to blocking points, or create a new column for all blockers. So, the teams can distinguish blockers in the project easily in the overall process without needing to read each task card details.
Kanban Scrum Lean Magnetic Alert & Blocker Cards
Scrum Task Cards Marker

Card Markers - 0.6 mm tip non-permanent

We have tested several markers with our cards in order to find out the best marker that provides highest writing quality, highest ink quality and finest lines. We have chosen the Steadtler non-permanent markers with 0.6 mm extra thin tip. You will feel the difference when you use these markers on our high quality magnetic cards, it is as if you write on a fine paper with a fine pen!

Board Markers - 2 mm tip non-permanent

Not only on the cards, sometimes you need to draw or drop notes on the white boards as well. Your set comes with four additional markers to support your needs on the white board. We included 2mm fine tips of markers in your set, they come in blue, black, red and green. You can also locate these markers directly on magnetic boards via using the magnetic attachments on the markers.
Scrum Board Marker
Scrum Board Cleaning Set

1) Board Tapes 2) Card Cleaning Cloth 3) White Board Eraser

1) We have included white board tapes with 2 mm fine thickness in different colors in the package. These fine tapes will help you to create the board columns and beyond. These are special white board tapes, they stay on white boards strong enough, while they do not get stuck, so easy to remove again.. 

2) We have added a nice cloth in the packaging as well. You can use these cloths for cleaning the cards. Remember to make the cloth wet before cleaning the cards. The dimension of this cloth is 16x27 cm. 

3) We also added a white board eraser in your package. This eraser also mave magnets in it, so you can locate on magnetic boards easily if you want to...
Kanban Magnetic Cards Toolset
Most of the Glass Boards are not suitable for this set 
This product does not work well with majority of the magnetic glass-boards on the market due to the weak magnetic properties of this type of boards.
Agile Kanban Scrum Lean Magnetic Cards Set

Agile Management Set 1.0

All you need in one set!


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Glass Agile Management Board Set for wall
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