Kanban Whiteboards

Kanban Whiteboards

pmxboard Offers World's Most Comprehensive and Rich Scrum and Kanban Whiteboard Options

pmxboard owns the design of its products 100%. We have developed wide range of Kanban Whiteboard options for you to choose. Either you want to build an effective and sustainable Kanban Board on your existing Whiteboard, or you want to use one of the pmxboard's Full Kanban Whiteboard Magnetic Sets, we have got you covered!
Kanban Whiteboard Full Magnetic Kit
Scrum Whiteboard Magnetic Kit


All PMXBoard products have undergone extensive testing and iterative design changes over several years to achieve perfection. We have worked diligently to ensure that our products' functionality meets and exceeds your expectations.


We do not want to our customers to be happy only when they purchase their product, we want to our customers to be happy with their products in the long run and spread the word out for us! Every single item in all of PMXBoard products are premium products, no short cuts!


Various sets in our portfolio offers not only the highest quality but also the highest value in terms of content, the quantity of the items in the sets, and all the accessories come with it to make it worth of your money!

Kanban Whiteboard Layout

Either you have a whiteboard and you want to create your Kanban Board on it, or you want a full solution from one of the PMXBoard's full Agile Board Solutions and you have everything you need in one set, we have got you covered! Choose what you need from PMXBoard's rich agile project management portfolio!  

Here are the typical Kanban and Scrum Board Columns;
  • Backlog; Place to park all the tasks needed to complete the sprint or the project 
  • To Do; All the tasks picked from Backlog that needs to be worked on
  • In Progress; Cards that are assigned to a team member and work has begun on them. 
  • Validate; Tasks that need validation
  • Done; All completed tasks
Kanban Whiteboard Layout
Traditional Kanban Whiteboard with sticky papers

The richest Agile Management Portfolio!

PMXBoard offers the richest physical products portfolio to customers for helping them to manage their project effectively!

Home Kanban Magnetic Cards

Basic Kanban Board & Scrum Board Set

Agile Magnetic Cards Set, Plus

Kanban & Scrum WhiteBoard

Agile Magnetic Kanban Board Kit

Agile Magnetic Scrum Combo Kit

Magnetic Board Included

Kanban Task Card244410060100
Story (Detail) Card610251025
Kanban Column Headline Card355IntegratedIntegratedIntegrated
Empty Column Headline Card24444
Kanban Blocker (Alert) Card24101010
Kanban Markers (0.6 mm tips)11323
Whiteboard Marker (2 mm)44444
Kanban Column Line Tape133IntegratedIntegrated3 & Integrated
Whiteboard Easel Included

Cleaning Kit Included


Haven't found what you are looking for?

No worries, you are on the planet's richest Agile Store! Review our Flex Board Sets for building your Kanban Whiteboard and Scrum Whiteboard!

Flex Agile Board - Small

Flex Agile Board - Medium

Flex Agile Board - Large

Flex Agile Board Set Smal

Flex Agile Board Set Medium

Flex Agile Board Set Large

Number of Board Columns346346
Board Size29.5” x 23.1” (75 x 58.7 cm)39.3” x 23.1” (100 x 58.7 cm)29.5” x 23.1” (75 x 58.7 cm)29.5” x 23.1” (75 x 58.7 cm)39.3” x 23.1” (100 x 58.7 cm)58.26” x 26.6” (148 x 67.7 cm)
Blank Column Headline Cards346
Kanban Task Cards364884
Detail Story Cards468
Kanban Blocker (Alert) Card4


Kanban Markers (0.6 mm tips)222
Whiteboard Marker (2 mm)444444
Board Eraser, Installation Kit

Cleaning Kit (Water Spray Bottle, Cloth)


Have we gotten your attention yet?

If not, no worries! We have more Agile Project Management Products to offer, the unique products under exclusive PMXBoard! Visit our store to explore more!