Therichest content Agile Management Kit

This Agile Management Kanban Kit has everything in it! It comes with variety of magnetic cards all suitable for Kanban Boards and Scrum Board, and the quality and quantity in the set is designed to exceed your expectations!
The set includes;
  • 100 Magnetic Kanban and Scrum Task Cards (in three colors) 
  • 25 Magnetic Scrum Story Cards  
  • 9 Magnetic Column Headline Cards 
  • 10 Magnetic Scrum Blocker Alert Cards 
  • 3 Kanban Card Markers, 4 Scrum Whiteboard Markers 
  • Accessories (Column Line Tapes, Cleaning Set)  

This complete Agile Magnetic Cards set is for large teams or large projects!

Unique kanban card writing experience
Writing experience on magnetic cards like a paper!
Strong kanban magnets
Strong magnetic properties  
Easy clean the magnetic cards
Easy cleaning of magnetic kanban cards
Reusable Magnetic Cards
Reusable Magnetic Agile Cards 

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Magnetic Kanban Board Cards Kanban Magnets Set

1 set, 156 pieces of magnetic kanban and scrum cards set!

Magnetic Kanban Cards Set for Home
Kanban Board Magnetic Cards Set for Home
Suitable for Kanban Boards and Chore
for personal and use in family
Basic Kanban Board and Scrum Board Magnetic Cards Set
Basic Agile Management Magnetic Set
Suitable for Kanban Boards and Scrum Boards
for personal and team use
Agile Management Kanban Board and Scrum Board Kit
Agile Management Set 1.0, Standard, 114 Pieces
Suitable for building Kanban Boards & Scrum Boards
Scrum Magnetic Board and Magnets Full Set, Kanban Set
Agile Management Set 1.0, Plus, 156 Pieces
Suitable for Kanban Boards & Scrum Boards
for bigger teams
Kanban Magnetic Task Cards
Kanban Magnetic Reusable Task Cards
Suitable for Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards, Chore Boards, 30 packs
Kanban and Scrum Red Alert Magnetic Cards
Kanban and Scrum Red Alert Magnetic Cards
Suitable for Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards, Chore Boards, 10 packs
Kanban and Scrum Story Cards, Magnetic
Scrum and Kanban Story Cards, Magnetic
User Story Magnetic Cards for Scrum and Kanban Boards, 20 pack 
Scrum and Kanban Column Headline Magnetic Cards
Scrum and Kanban Column Headline Magnetic Cards
Magnetic Headline Cards Set for building Kanban and Scrum Columns, 9 pack
Project Board Magnets, Status indicator magnets
Magnetic Status Indicators 
Agile buttons in three colors (green, yellow, red) to indicate status on your Agile Board (660 pieces in total, 4 board markers, eraser)

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