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Physical Kanban Board
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The first products came to prototyping phase in late 2019 as starting journey of pmxboard. Several Agile Management products have been developed and tested before the company officially formed. Later in the first days of 2020, pmxboard LLC was formed in California officially, just a few months before the global Covid pandemics hit the businesses. The global pandemics slowed down the operations from the beginning as the manufacturing of the products were contracted to a partner company in China, however did not stop. pmxboard team has managed to launch Agile Management Magnetic Cards Set, 1.0 in October 2020 in USA despite all the challenges driven by ongoing pandemics. pmxboard later managed to launch two more major products in around April 2021 at the same time, Full Agile Management Board Set and Portfolio Management Board Set. pmxboard had extended its sales channels from this point on from its e-commerce site to Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart and Facebook. Also two of the main SKUs; Portfolio Management Board Set and Agile Management Full Board Set had been launched in Canada in October 2021, outside of USA for the first time.