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In our team you will have the opportunity to develop your skills. We work with a variety of technologies, applications, and business issues. We focus on improving qualifications and knowledge transfer in our company – we organize internal training and workshops. We also regularly invest in getting to know and developing new technologies, developing new products.

We give you the opportunity to work on interesting projects – both the larger ones, the international ones and the smaller ones, which you will be able to realize yourself with a big impact on the effect and the way it is implemented.

Digital Markering Intern

Product Management and Marketing
The team member will spend time learning how to build online communities through daily web posting and targeted interactions via social media channels, websites, email, and print marketing. As an intern, you will learn about researching and reaching out to competitive sites, community leaders, and influencers. You will gain real-world skills in content creation, storytelling, promotion, analysis, and reporting.

This team member will be working on
• Graphic Design - image selection and enhancement.
• Photography
• Video
• Marketing Research
• Social Media marketing & reporting
• Search engine optimization (SEO) writing keyword optimized copy for distribution via blogs, media releases article sites, and social media channels
• Email Marketing
• Administrative duties

Please send your CV and message to email address to apply

Content Writers

Technology Management Consulting
We are looking for Project Management professionals who can create unique content to our platform as a side hustle and contribute to the pmxboard community library. We are looking for a wide range of experts to contribute to our platform such as experienced Project Management professionals, Scrum Masters, Agile Management experts. The specifics of the articles will be determined based on the qualifications of applicants

Please send your CV and message to email address to apply

Project Management Training Professionals

Technology Management Consulting
We are looking for wide range of trainers who hold both credible certificates and experiences in the field they intend to apply for. Main areas of training fields are;

Agile Management
Continuous Improvement
Project Management

Please send your CV and message to email address to apply


pmxboard is an innovative technology company that develops physical and digital tools to help you, your projects, and organizations to be more efficient, more effective and eventually more competitive in your space. Our products provide transparency and harmony across the board, increase collaboration and engagement, as well as provide competitive advantage to organizations as result of improved speed to go to market, higher product quality and better stakeholder engagement.


Project Management Gantt Chart Magnetic Board Set
This new product will allow you to get things done in most efficient way possible. And yes, it is again a unique product, unique design by pmxboard.


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