Why physical project management boards are still relevant in the digital age?

Physical project management boards, such as Kanban boards or conventional project management white board , are a popular method for organizing and tracking tasks and progress in a project. Despite the rise of digital project management tools, physical project management boards are still relevant and beneficial in today's digital age.

In recent years, digital project management tools have become more prevalent, with software such as Trello, Asana, and Jira becoming household names in the project management world. These digital tools offer a variety of features and benefits, such as real-time updates, the ability to assign tasks, and integration with other tools. However, digital project management tools also have their limitations.

One of the main limitations of digital project management tools is the lack of visibility. When tasks are assigned and tracked digitally, it can be difficult for team members to quickly and easily see the status of the project as a whole. You always need to put an effort to open the software program you are using until it gets lost and becomes invisible among other open windows in your computer. Physical project management boards, on the other hand, provide a visual representation of the project, allowing team members to quickly identify progress, bottlenecks, and areas that need attention.

Another limitation of digital project management tools is the lack of collaboration. With digital tools, team members may not be as likely to collaborate and communicate with each other, as they may be working on different parts of the project at different times. Physical project management boards, however, encourage collaboration and communication, as team members can easily see what others are working on and discuss progress and issues in real-time.

In addition to addressing these limitations, physical project management boards also offer other benefits. They are easy to use and understand, even for team members who may not be familiar with project management software. They also offer flexibility, as team members can easily move tasks and adjust the board as needed. This is not only beneficial for the project members but also to some other key stakeholders who have interest or stake at the project success!

Real-life examples of successful projects that have used physical project management boards include companies such as Spotify, Zappos, and Google. Spotify, for example, uses a physical Kanban board to manage the development of their mobile app. The board is used to visualize the flow of work, identify bottlenecks, and improve the overall process. Zappos, an online shoe and clothing store, uses a physical Kanban board to manage their inventory and shipping processes. By visualizing their inventory levels and shipping progress, they were able to improve their turnaround time and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, physical project management boards may be considered old-fashioned in the digital age, but they still offer many benefits that digital tools cannot match. They improve visibility, collaboration, and communication, and offer ease of use and flexibility. While digital project management tools have their place, physical project management boards should not be overlooked as a valuable tool for managing projects in today's digital age. This is exactly where pmxboard positions itself by developing unique physical project management tools!

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