Unleashing Remote Work Productivity: The Ultimate Gift for Yourself and Your Team

Let's set the record straight—this article isn't about fostering a culture of surveillance or implementing micromanagement tactics. In contrast, it's about cultivating a genuine desire to support your employees and enhance their efficiency by empowering them with agile management principles, even in their home offices. Together, let's explore how these principles can revolutionize the way we work and unleash untapped productivity potential.

Before getting started, let's address the elephant in the room—this article proudly showcases our product. However, there's a genuine purpose behind it. We wholeheartedly believe that our products have the potential to make a positive impact on your work life, as they have done for countless individuals worldwide. With that said, let's dive into the background and set the stage for the transformative journey ahead.

It is not the agile methodology makes it efficient, it is the mindset! 

Yan Ozturk, 2020

The remote work was nothing but a temporary transition when the pandemic hit the world in the beginning of 2020. Many big corporation along with small ones communicated the temporary remote work announcements very carefully and cautiously. It was a hard decision to many of the companies for one reason or another, but it was a decision between a hard place and a rock at the time. Many traditional managers had no choice to convert to remote work under the growing pressure of pandemics despite it was strongly their fundamental understanding of how the people should work! The communication was most of the time careful by saying that everybody will need to work from home for a while, but this is a temporary situation for most likely for a few weeks, and all would have to return back to offices in a few weeks to their usual day to day business. A few weeks followed another few weeks, followed by months, the situation with pandemics had gotten just worse and kept the employees home. On the other side of the coin, many companies started to realize this unexpected significant improvement in business outcomes under this so called temporary time period with remote work. In the shadow of a doubt, things started to get better for many aspects of the business, employees started to deliver significantly more than they used to do when they were in the office, people spent more time with families, spent less for gas, removed many inefficient activities from their day to day life such as changing in the morning, driving car in the traffic, all and every single step between the time they wake up and spend hours to come to the office where they were supposed to deliver value to companies they work for. Some traditional people tried to justify this situation with all kind of reasons such as lack of creativity under remote work, lack of team work collaboration and many others good sounding reasons, but the reality was different with growing evidences in all angles of the business. By the way, our point here is not to prove how remote work is better than the in-office work, still companies need to determine what makes most sense in their case, but the point is that remote work became part of our life permanently driven by this unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic situation despite prejudices against it, and as usual, drove us to the next era through a lot of learning.

Probably it would not be wrong to call this phase as a new era in terms of the way we work, the way we perceive how people should work, and our past understanding defining the efficiency at work, would it? If we are still on the same page, there is a good possibility that we will also agree that one of the the biggest implications of this transition in terms of our day to day work is the increased intensity of digitizing. In other words, we became much more reliant to internet, and all the software we need to do our job, get connected with our coworkers, and everything else. It was even a big bump in terms of spending time in front of the computer and doing things on computer for people who already used to work in front of the computer when they were in the office. This situation led to increased bandwidths, improved digital tools to connect us and software to manage the progress and execute the work, and this is a very positive development. Everything has happened and been happening on a positive trajectory in terms of boosting efficiency, having ability to access to better tools on more affordable rates. However, this came with a downside. Being reliant to digital tools this much disconnected us from physical world in a way. Most of us almost forgot how to write nicely on a paper, how to use a whiteboard with a marker on a brainstorming session, and completely got us into this digital world. Many people started to use excel or digital sticky notes to organize their work, put reminders on various software programs to remember and stay focused on their critical tasks, until they forgot to open them or even lost them among many other files they were supposed to keep open and work on their computers simultaneously. We somehow lost our focus in between growing number of excel files, software, emails and all other form of digital tools. This is exactly where pmxboard offers some solutions to draw a vertical line on that horizontal chaos, and provide tools to enable utilizing the power of physical tools as a cloud over all that crowded and conflicting priorities, and help to eliminate the overwhelming feeling. A Physical Kanban Board, appealing and visible all the time in your office will help organizing and prioritizing things for you, it will keep reminding your tasks in your defined order without you putting any significant effort to remember. In your sight, in your mind! pmxboard did not invent the power of using visual physical tools, it existed here with us since centuries, pmxboard just develops new unique, appealing and reusable, high quality tools to maximize your experience in every positive way and help to integrate physical dimension in your digital world. This is the science, not a myth, either get one of the unique pmxboard products, or just build your own physical kanban board, you will see a significant improvement in your efficiency, work outcomes as you will start doing the right things at right time. Moreover, you will get rid of that growing and ahrmful anxiety as getting things done in the right prioritization will help you to be in a better state mentally. Start using it today, and see the difference by yourself. It will feel like a magic, but it is not a magic, it is just a simple principle we have been forgetting under mind-blowing development of great digital tools!

This is the best gift you can get to yourself or any other coworker who works remotely, so you can make an impact in your and other's lives! 

The richest content on the market comes with the highest quality!

Full Agile Management Magnetic Cards & Accessories Set for Magnetic Kanban Board, Magnetic Scrum Board, Magnetic Lean Board and any kind of Agile Management Methodologies.

All you need is in one set, all inclusive agile management board set! A special full Magnetic Agile Board comes with 84 pieces of full Agile Magnetic Card set (Task Cards, Headline Cards, Blockers and Detail Cards), a Tripod and all other required accessories. Suitable as Kanban Board, Scrum Board or any other Lean Management processes for Office, Home or School use. 

It is the most appealing and yet most functional pre-designed Agile Management Board Set on the market. It is fully magnetic in all surface, and its magnetic properties are strong due to integrated double layer magnets. Moreover, it is customizable, you can change the headlines easily with the empty headline cards that come with the set.

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