Benefits of creating your Kanban Board with pmxboard

Assuming that everyone landing on this page is already know the benefits of creating your Kanban Board either for your personal use, or for your team, we will take it granted and talk about why to create your Kanban Board with pmxboard products. But do not worry, I won't spend your time with exaggerated marketing words, I will be precise, honest, and cut to the chase.

Benefits of building your Kanban Board with pmxboard products are;

  • Eliminates the setup time completely! Either you are an individual creating your personal Kanban Board or you are part of a team, either case there is a massive time spent to build your Kanban Board and up and running. You need to identify a white board, create your columns, make sure the spaces are reasonably equal, create your rows etc. and, everything has to be manual. Then, it is not the end of your Kanban board process, it will come to task cards, story cards, markers and everything else you need to put together to get your board up and running. When you use pmxboard Kanban Board Set, you will a have perfectly designed and functional magnetic Kanban board ready to go, just unpack it and start working on it!
  • Sustainable with reusable magnetic Kanban Cards! Stop wasting sticky cards! They are ugly, they fall, they are not modifiable, and they are not sustainable! You will have the ability to use pmxboard Kanban Cards over and over, good looking design, high quality material, they are stackable, easy to clean, dedicated headline, due date, task owner fields, and you can modify any text on it easily! These are not any of the magnetic cards, they have gone through an extensive design and testing process to provide you best magnetic properties without giving away from user experience in terms of pulling it out of a surface, easiness to grab it, move it around either on the board or on another magnetic card, they are special piece of Kanban cards!
  • Customizable! The set comes with empty Kanban column headline cards that can easily snap on the predesigned columns. You do not only get the benefit of pre designed Kanban Board columns, but also ability to customize it with a few simple steps without giving away from its appealing look!
  • Mobile Kanban Board! The set comes with an easel where you can put your Kanban Board if you prefer to! Remember, it is not only the ability to make it mobile with the easel, also the board is ultralight! The board and easel together is below 8 lbs, meaning you can literally move anywhere you like your board without a big burden!
  • Well, everything about this magnetic board is fantastic! You can write on it, use it as a whiteboard, or Kanban whiteboard! Multi function magnetic dry erase board maximizes your option with one set!
  • You wont need a single item aside what your set has to provide, all inclusive agile management kit! High end 0.6 mm tips Kanban Card Markers, dry erase white board markers, cleaning set, accessories box, various agile management magnetic cards (task cards, blocker cards, story cards, headline cards… ), everything you need in one set! Everything is ready to get things done!

The richest content on the market comes with the highest quality!

Full Agile Management Magnetic Cards & Accessories Set for Magnetic Kanban Board, Magnetic Scrum Board, Magnetic Lean Board and any kind of Agile Management Methodologies.

All you need is in one set, all inclusive agile management board set! A special full Magnetic Agile Board comes with 84 pieces of full Agile Magnetic Card set (Task Cards, Headline Cards, Blockers and Detail Cards), a Tripod and all other required accessories. Suitable as Kanban Board, Scrum Board or any other Lean Management processes for Office, Home or School use.

It is the most appealing and yet most functional pre-designed Agile Management Board Set on the market. It is fully magnetic in all surface, and its magnetic properties are strong due to integrated double layer magnets. Moreover, it is customizable, you can change the headlines easily with the empty headline cards that come with the set.

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