8 Reasons to start Kanban Board with your family

Chances are, you're already familiar with the fundamental principles of Kanban methodology since you're here, seeking to elevate your productivity at home with your family. Nevertheless, let's have a quick refresher. The Kanban board is your key to transforming mundane to-do lists into a visually captivating system of sticky notes. But how and why does it work?

In a nutshell, it's all about the power of visual representation. When we perceive our tasks as a series of color-coded images, our brains effortlessly organize and process information. If you're curious to delve deeper into the scientific research behind this phenomenon, there are numerous articles available online. Ultimately, it all boils down to how our brain's neurons function. Visual elements, coupled with well-planned color codes, optimize our brain's interpretation and understanding of any given task.

Prepare to witness the incredible synergy of simplicity and visualization as we unlock the secrets of Kanban methodology. Get ready to streamline your productivity, enhance your focus, and bring harmony to your work and personal life. Let's embark on this journey and harness the extraordinary capabilities of our brain's visual processing.

One of the questions I have ever been asking myself was why Agile Methodologies in general did not get the same level of love from people who could implement the same Kanban or Scrum methodologies in their homes, with their families as much as using it in professional work environment. Since Agile Management methodologies in general become more and more popular in our professional work environments, and more people are attracted to see this simple and effective process, It just did not make sense to me of not seeing the same popularity in our private lives for a basic reason, which was that actually everything that Kanban Board improves in our work environment are the same things most of time we need in our home environments to improve as well! Think about once, increasing teamwork, better communication, transparency, doing the right things at the right time, work balance among members, efficiency, and the list goes on and on, all these great things that Kanban Board magically improves in our professional life. Now, can you tell me which one of those are not an added value to our home life? Which one of those are not the common issues in our home with our family, maybe at different extends and at slightly different definitions? I am sure majority would agree on a common answer.

I like to take this claim to the next level. What would you think if I say actually Kanban Board for Families (or Scrum Board for families) have potentials to provide even greater value than using it in a work environment? It may sound a bit bizarre, I know, but hold on, let me try to make my point. The basic reason behind this claim without going through itemized benefits of Kanban Boards and comparing them between home and work environments is the fact that we are less organized and less disciplined in our home environments due to mainly lack of commercial drivers which we are exposed to at our work environments. In other and simple words, there are not managers keep bugging us all the time, or manager's managers, yearly targets, KPIs to meet, competition to catch up, etc etc. All those factors either do not exist in our home environment, or they exist at limited basis. I should clarify one point here though. Those metrics should not exist either, it is our home where we feel the comfort and relax, so do not get me wrong, I am not saying that we should transform our home environment to make it another work place, it is not the right thing to do either nor what I support personally. However, it does not hurt to take control of finances, relationships, and everything involves in our home environment a little bit, right? Do not underestimate the work behind keeping a home running, from finance perspective, relationships perspective as well as doing the right things for our and our family's future! It is not actually too different than running a company, in some ways, some people may find it is even harder maybe. We just do not honor the complexity of keeping our home running healthy as much as maybe other things in our lives.

Let's get to the point. What are the 8 main benefits of having a Kanban Board or Scrum Board at home?

It really does! Think about it, isn't it one of the main areas that Kanban Boards contribute at our work environment, and makes participants accountable for specific actions? So, why it would not work at home? Actually, lack of ownership is most of time a bigger problem at home than at work, especially if some members of family are at younger ages. Kanban Board with your family will not only help to increase the sense of ownership, but it will also teach the importance of ownership to your younger kids, or for that lazy husband or wife! 1) Increases Ownership
Kanban Board at home increases the sense of ownership among household
What better way can you imagine to bring the family on the same page around your Home Kanban Board, go over tasks, make plans and meanwhile have fun? It will be a fun family event while things are getting done 2) Increases transparency
Being a good team is one of the key foundations of being a good family! For some reason people most of time does not associates with families, it is wrong! Increase team work among members of your family through your Kanban Board. Gaining Kanban Board practice as habit over time will automatically make your family a better team.3) Increase team work, minimize conflicts
Increase team work, minimize conflicts through a Kanban Board with your family
Kanban will make it easier to ensure a fair workload among family members on overall house activities. This will have also a positive impact on better communication and reduced conflicts. Balancing workload is not only going to help with less conflicts, and other potential side effects, but also it will get more work done overall.4) Balance the workload
What better way can you imagine to bring the family on the same page around your Home Kanban Board, go over tasks, make plans and meanwhile have fun? It will be a fun family event while things are getting done.5) Great way to bring your family together!
This goes without saying, isn't it? In what part of our lives the prioritization is not important or even essential? It is an important element at our home as well, basically to put our effort in most critical and urgent activities, so we can use family resources wisely. For sure, Family Kanban Board will help you to make better prioritizations with your family.6) Prioritize 
Well, I feel like you are saying now that that who pays the bills manually at this new technology era? Everything is automated, electronic and reminders are popping up right and left when it comes to taking our money, and you are right about it. But there are still bills that come in manual ways either as a tax bill, or a parking ticket or a bill from the school. We are not suggesting to list all of your bills on your Kanban Board if they are being paid automatically or you have a way to not to miss the payments on time, but capture the ones that are not recurring payments and needs to be taken care of at certain time frame. Moreover, you can capture tasks associated with family activities such as upcoming camp plans, or a visit to grandma, trip to Europe. Kanban Board will be a perfect tool to breakdown those activities to actionable tasks and delegate owners among household.7) Never miss a bill, never miss an activity
Yes, it will be a fun activity to get together with your family, go over tasks, engage with all members of your family in a regular activity. It will bring joy while you are getting a better family! 8) Have fun while you are doing all of those things!

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