5 Reasons to teach Kanban at school for students from early ages

Kanban Board is basically a visual management technique that is used to manage tasks, put them in an optimized workflow and increase productivity resultantly! It is widely used in business world to manage projects, track progress, and increase project's success to hit the project's key milestones, however it can also be a valuable tool for students to learn time management and organization skills. In fact, introducing Kanban board to students from early ages can have a significant impact on their academic success and future careers. These are five reasons why;

  1. Kanban teaches them valuable organizational and project management skills that they can apply throughout their lives!
    Kanban board can be used to help students break down complex projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. By creating a visual representation of their work, students can better understand the scope of their projects and plan accordingly. They can prioritize their tasks, track progress, and adjust their plans as necessary. This not only helps them stay organized and focused, but it also teaches them valuable skills in project management that they can apply throughout their lives. One of the great things about Kanban is that Kanban method can be applied to a very complex projects, or can be applied to relatively simple things such as homework, small projects, and daily or weekly tasks. No matter how complex or simple the tasks are, Kanban will teach essential skills to students in terms of creating workflows, understanding the importance of setting priorities, planning and value of being productive
  2. Teaches Ownership
    One of the key benefits of using Kanban board in school is that it encourages students to take ownership of their work. By actively participating in the process of planning and tracking their progress, students become more invested in their projects and take more responsibility for their outcomes. This can lead to increased motivation and engagement, which can ultimately lead to better academic performance. Also, this will make students better understand of benefits of taking ownership on their tasks!

  3. Prepare them for the workforce
    In addition to academic benefits, learning Kanban board can also prepare students for the workforce. Kanban board is widely used in the business world, particularly in project management and software development. By teaching students how to use Kanban board at an early age, we are equipping them with a valuable skill set that can help them succeed in their future careers.
  4. Helps them to develop their teamwork skill
    Kanban board encourages collaboration by providing a visual representation of the project status that everyone can see. This promotes open communication and allows team members to work together to identify and resolve any issues that may arise.
  5. Teaches conflict resolution
    Kanban board can help teach students how to resolve conflicts by encouraging open communication and collaboration. When issues arise, team members can work together to identify the root cause and develop a solution that works for everyone. Brainstorming on identifying problem's root causes, facilitate task delegations to resolve the issues will greatly help students with their conflict resolution and task delegation.

In summary, Kanban board can be a powerful tool for developing teamwork skills among students. It promotes collaboration, facilitates task delegation, enhances accountability, fosters a sense of unity, and teaches conflict resolution. By using Kanban board in the classroom, teachers can help students develop the teamwork skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Students will knowingly or unknowingly carry those important skills for the rest of their lives and benefit from them both in their professional lives and personal lives!

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