5 Reasons to consider pmxboard Full Agile Management Board Set

1) The first and the only true full Agile Management Kit in the world!
The most comprehensive Agile Management Set in the world and all-inclusive agile set!
2) Full Magnetic Agile Board
pre designed Agile board layout! Unlike typical boards sold as magnetic board on the market, our boards feature double metallic sheets with one of them being the real magnetic layer! 
3) Agile Management Card Set
Full Magnetic Agile Management Kanban and Scrum Card Set comes with the set!
4) Three Ways to locate your board
Our set gives you three options to locate your board and your board can be mobile!
5) Reliability and Durability
You can use this set over and over for many projects!

1) The first and the only true full Agile Management Set in the world!

Everything you would need in order to build your complete Agile process is in one package. There is no other product on the market that you would be able to build your entire Agile Process without needing to purchase additional items, this is one of the many reasons of what makes this set unique. The set comes with a pre designed Agile Magnetic Board, and it comes with an Agile magnetic cards set in order to build your Kanban, Scrum, Lean or any other type of Agile Board. The board columns are pre designed, however you can also customize easily with the empty headline cards that come with the set. The only thing in order to customize your headline is is to snap the empty headline cards on the pre existing headline, and make your own custom column headline. Moreover, the set comes with a tripod to locate your board, special magnetic card markers, board markers as well as cleaning sets.

You can use this board as Kanban Board, Scrum Board, Lean Board, Agile Board, To Do List Board, Vision Board, Chore Board, Standard White Board, and Continuous Improvement Board 

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2) Full Magnetic Agile Board

The special board comes with a beautiful design, it is fully magnetic, high quality and incredibly light weight! You can snap your magnetic cards anywhere on the board, it is full size magnetic, but you can also use the board as a white board and write on it. The board is made of high density EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) which makes this board light and mobile with the tripod that comes with the set. So, you can literally move your board around your office, home or wherever you prefer. We also used special UV print on our boards which provides the highest possible quality and durability.

Full Magnetic Kanban Whiteboard

3) Agile Management Card Set

  • 60 Task Cards

come in three colors, 20 cards from each color (Gray, Green, Yellow). Their main task is to capture and manage the tasks. The Task Cards have designated spaces tocapture a headline of a task, a bigger space to capture details and also the corner circle on the right bottom either to write task owner's initials, or due date of the task, or both.

  • 10 Blocker Cards.

Which Agile Management Board would not need blocker cards? It is the hearth of everything beyond. But, the pmxboard blocker cards are not only visually easy todistinguish, also you can take notes on them. They snap directly on the board, or on any of the other magnetic cards. So, it gives great flexibility to identify risky items on the overall board easily depending upon your need.

  • 10 Details Cards.

Whenever and wherever you need to capture more details and you need more space, detail cards come in handy. They can be easily paired or stacked with task cards, or be used with blocker cards.

  • 4 Empty Headline Cards.

These headline cards provide great flexibility to customize your board if you need to change the pre-designed headlines on the board. You can easily snap them on the existing headlines on the board, and change the column headline to your specific need. 

4) Three Ways to locate your board

  • Our set gives you three options to locate your board and your board can be mobile!
    1. Put it on the tripod
      (The tripod is included in your set)
    2. Snap it on another magnetic board!

    3. Hang on the wall
pmxboard Kanban and Scrum Board locating options

5) Reliability and Durability

You can use this set over and over for many projects for a very long time!

All the pieces in this set have gone through realibility tests in order to make sure that they are reusable, and the quality does not downgrade easily over time. You can wash the magnetic cards, clear off completely, and use it again. The same thing with the board! And everything in your set will stay as if they are new. Not only because we used UV printing, there is also a top layer to protect the surfaces!

durable pmxboard kanban cards magnetic, reusable

The richest content on the market comes with the highest quality!

Full Agile Management Magnetic Cards & Accessories Set for Magnetic Kanban Board, Magnetic Scrum Board, Magnetic Lean Board and any kind of Agile Management Methodologies.

All you need is in one set, all inclusive agile management board set! A special full Magnetic Agile Board comes with 84 pieces of full Agile Magnetic Card set (Task Cards, Headline Cards, Blockers and Detail Cards), a Tripod and all other required accessories. Suitable as Kanban Board, Scrum Board or any other Lean Management processes for Office, Home or School use.

It is the most appealing and yet most functional pre-designed Agile Management Board Set on the market. It is fully magnetic in all surface, and its magnetic properties are strong due to integrated double layer magnets. Moreover, it is customizable, you can change the headlines easily with the empty headline cards that come with the set.

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