Kanban Magnetic Board and Magnetic Cards Toolkit
Kanban Magnetic Board and Magnetic Cards Toolkit

Kanban & Scrum Combo Set

Agile Management Combo Board and Magnetic Cards Set


Kanban & Scrum Combo Set

when two great product gets together!

1) Physical Kanban Board & Scrum Board - Full Magnetic

Pre-designed special Agile Management Board is also customizable!

2) Agile Management Magnetic Cards Set, Plus

This is our best selling and the most comprehensive Kanban & Scrum toolset in the world! This set is 100% compatible with our Physical Kanban & Scrum Magnetic Board


3) Tripod (Magnetic Board Stand)

The set comes with a special tripod to locate your board as an alternative option to hang it on the wall or snap on another magnetic board


Agile Kanban & Scrum Combo Set
Pre-Designed Agile Magnetic Board
Magnetic Task Cards
100 (in three colors; Grey, Yellow, Green)
Magnetic Detail Cards (Magnetic Story Cards)
Magnetic Headline Cards (Magnetic Column Cards)
5 & Integrated
Empty Magnetic Headline (Column) Cards
Magnetic Blocker Cards (Magnetic Alert Cards)
Special Magnetic Card Markers (0.6 mm tips)
Magnetic Board Markers
Kanban & Scrum Column Line Tapes
3 & Integrated
Cleaning Items (Magnetic Board Eraser & Cloth)
1 + 1
Wall mount set


 ✔ FULL AGILE MANAGEMENT SET. All you need in one set. A special full Magnetic Agile Board comes with 156 pieces of full Magnetic Agile Card Set. Suitable for Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Chore or any other Agile Management processes for Office, Home or School use. You can use it as a Scrum Board, Kan ban Board, Chore Board, Lean Board, Communication Board, To do List Board, Continuous Improvement Board and even use as a standard magnetic white board

✔ LOCATE YOUR MAGNETIC BOARD IN THREE DIFFERENT WAYS AS YOU DESIRE! You can locate your board ① on the tripod that comes with the set, or ② just snap your board on another magnetic board easily, or ③ you can hang it on the wall! Wall mount accessories come with the set too!

✔ CUSTOMIZABLE AGILE SCRUM KANBAN LEAN BOARD You can easily customize your board pre-defined headlines with the empty headline cards or pre-designed headline cards that come with your set. Just snap the empty or pre-designed headline magnet cards on your board right on dedicated column headlines spaces, and make your custom headlines as you like.

✔ ULTRA LIGHT FULL MAGNETIC BOARD WITH MAGNET CARDS ON IT! It is just over 6lb! We used a special high density EVA material to make your unique dry erase magnetic board. Its strong magnetic power will keep all of your cards on it safely, use them on your projects easily. This magnetic dry erase board is as light as a magnetic scrum board or a kanban magnetic board can be!

✔ SNAP ON IT, WRITE ON IT! Not only you can snap the magnetic cards that come with the set, you can also write on the magnetic board! It is a dry erase board. The set comes with non permanent special card markers, dry erase board markers as well as board & magnet card cleaners.


Units in box: 1


Wednesday, 03 August 2022
This product was suggested to me for planning project through completion. This set gives all the tools to get it done. One only has to follow through to success
Tate C
Wednesday, 15 September 2021
This is absolutely a brilliant product. The set came with a magnetic cards set that includes many different magnetic cards for scrum board and different colors. So, it comes handy to categorize the tasks via using different color codes. This set has more than what you would probably need for a medium to large projects, but additional magnetic cards do not hurt. The task cards have a dedicated corner to capture the task owners, it helps to identify the task owners visually. When it comes to the magnetic board, it is awesome. It is beautiful and yet functional. It is a light board but the magnetic power of the board is strong, it is stronger than our big white board in the office. I was planning to add some pictures but this review section does not let me add. Overall great product!