Kanban Magnetic Cards Marker, Scrum Magnetic Cards Marker

Kanban Magnetic Cards Marker

Kanban & Scrum Magnetic Card Markers


We have tested several markers with our cards in order to find out the best marker that provides highest writing quality, highest ink quality and finest lines. We have chosen the Steadtler non-permanent markers with 0.6 mm extra thin tip. You will feel the difference when you use these markers on our high quality magnetic cards, it is as if you write on a fine paper with a fine pen!

You will get in total x4 individual card markers in one set in the subsequent colors;

  • x2 Blue color
  • x2 Black color
Units in box: 4


Sunday, 19 September 2021
these are premium markers and works well with pmxboard magnetic cards! it is not easy to clean dry, but anyhow it is instructed to clean with wet cloth or water. The water removes the ink in a second without any mark on the cards. This is the finest marker I have ever used, the tips is really thin and makes you feel like you just write with a regular pen