Basic Physical Kanban Magnetic Cards Set
Basic Physical Kanban Set
Basic Physical Agile Set

Basic Agile Management Magnetic Cards Set

Basic Physical Kanban Board and Physical Scrum Magnetic Cards Set



Basic Physical Kanban Board and Physical Scrum Magnetic Cards Set is designed to meet your and exceed your basic needs in order to create your Kanban Board or Scrum Board. This set includes 6 different magnetic cards set along with many accessories to build and enjoy your Agile Board without needing anything else outside of your Agile Set. Package Content 
    • Task Cards are your key players in the set! Capture project tasks, assign them to individuals in the team and record task details toward task closures 
    • Detail Cards Some tasks require greater detail to capture. Detail cards provide greater space for your additional needs 
    • Blocker Cards Using them is an easy way to identify blockers in projects visually 
    • Headline Cards Structure your board easily with pre defined headlines as well as empty headline cards to address your unique needs. You will receive pre defined cards for the following headlines;
      • Backlog
      • Sprint
      • In Progress
      • Validate
      • Done
      • x2 empty headline cards 
    • Markers The fine 0.6 mm markers for magnetic cards and 2 mm tip markers for boards in the set. You've plenty of marker choices in various colors
 Product Content Quantities 
    • Magnetic Task Cards = 44 in total quantity (Grey, Green, Yellow)
    • Magnetic Story Cards = 10 in quantity 
    • Magnetic Blocker Cards =  4 in quantity 
    • Magnetic Column Headline Cards = 6 in quantities 
    • Magnetic Card Marker (0.6 mm tips) = 1 in quantity 
    • Magnetic Board Marker ( 2 mm tips) = 4 in quantity 
    • Board Eraser = 1 in quantity 
    • Magnetic Cards Cleaner Cloth = 1 in quantity 
    • Water bottle spray = 1 in quantity 


Units in box: 76


Sunday, 19 September 2021
This set is not basic! we have bought several other agile sets in our company, this is way richer in content and the magnetic cards are high quality. The container box is also well made, it keep everything organized. Highly recommended. Several others in our company purchased this product after they used or saw this on our board!