Magnetic Task Cards for Kanban and Scrum
Kanban Magnetic Task Cards
Scrum Magnetic Task Cards
Kanban Magnetic Card
Magnetic Task Cards for Kanban and Scrum

Magnetic Task Cards

Magnetic Task Cards for Kanban, Scrum and Lean
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Tasks cards are your key players in the set! They are to capture project tasks, assign these tasks to individuals in the team and record task details on them toward task closures. Task cards come in three different colors; Grey, Yellow, and Green, so it gives you an opportunity to group different tasks for your specific needs in the project.

These Magnetic Task Cards were designed specifically for Kanban Boards and Scrum Boards. They have a dedicated headline section on them, as well as a space on right bottom corner to capture task owners or due dates, or both!  

You will have in total 30x (thirty) individual task cards in your one set. You can select the frame color in the above menu depending upon your preference. 


Units in box: 30


Sunday, 03 October 2021
Good quality magnetic cards...
Nkiru Fadiran
Friday, 17 September 2021
Appealing design and yet functional. It is a very good quality, it is apparent that these cards will last forever. The ink gets dissolved easily on the surface of cards under water easily (we just put under water, it is washable), it takes a second to clean it, and use again. Also the circles on the right bottom corner helps to specify the due dates. Beautiful stuff. We are using these cards on our magnetic board since 3 weeks, we loved these cards so far... the team is putting more order this week