Kanban Board Marker

Kanban Board Marker (non permanent)

Kanban & Scrum Magnetic Board Markers


Not only on the cards, sometimes you need to draw or drop notes on the white boards as well. Your set comes with four additional markers to support your needs on the white board. We included 2mm fine tips of white markers in your package, they come in blue, black, red and green. You can also locate these markers directly on magnetic boards via using the magnetic attachments on the markers.

You will have x8 (eight) individual board markers in subsequent colors; 

  • x2 Blue color
  • x2 Black color
  • x2 Red color
  • 2x Green color
Units in box: 8


Wednesday, 15 September 2021
They do what they are supposed to be doing, just regular white board markers with magnets, nothing special
Ian Danyal